Acid Attack in India, Varanasi

A young woman of Russian origin is reported to be attacked by acid at Varanasi in India. She is living in a rented house, apparently came to India to experience the country, its culture, at the most holiest among holy places in this sub continent. The suspect, who carried out this  dastardly act is the son of the landlord of this unfortunate woman. She has suffered chemical burns on her right shoulder and face.

As per WHO there are no global estimates of the number of victims of acid attacks each year. Apart from Bangladesh, acid violence has been reported in Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, India, Jamaica, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa and Uganda.

The attack is carried out “with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture, or kill”[1] The long term consequences of these attacks may include blindness, as well as permanent scarring of the face and body along with far-reaching social, psychological, and economic difficulties [2]

Acid attack victim: Cambodia, 2007

How much more a person can go down in his or her status for throwing acid on another person? Why we do not have severe punishments and/or education to prevent such horrible incidents?

As per studies conducted: Motivations for attacks against women in India are: spurned love and affection, sexual jealousy, economic or land disputes, hate or revenge (

More than stronger legal provisions we need to educate the society how heinous ,uncultured and dastardly is to attack an unsuspecting victim by throwing chemicals on him or her. A change in cultural outlook is essential to stop acid attack!

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