Acids and Alkalis

For the purpose of segregation dangerous goods having certain similar chemical properties have been grouped together in IMDG Code. Apart from segregation requirement of segregation table we must check the requirement basis these chemical groups in individual schedules. Acids and Alkalis are two of these segregation groups. All together there are 18 groups as listed below:

.1 acids .2 ammonium compounds .3 bromates .4 chlorates .5 chlorites .6 cyanides .7 heavy metals and their salts (including their organometallic compounds) .8 hypochlorites .9 lead and its compounds .10 liquid halogenated hydrocarbons .11 mercury and mercury compounds .12 nitrites and their mixtures .13 perchlorates .14 permanganates .15 powdered metals .16 peroxides .17 azides .18 alkalis

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Segregation Table

Acids and Alkalis

There are many cases of Acids and alkalis both belonging to class 8 mix loaded while consolidating boxes overlooking segregation provisions. This is one of the most common wrong consolidations (segregation) which can put vessel and her crew at risk.

However disregarding the requirements to be kept away from or separated from each other as scheduled in individual entries acids and alkalis under Class 8 assigned with Packing Group II or III may be loaded in same container provided

.1 the substances do not react dangerously with each other and cause:

  1. combustion and/or evolution of considerable heat;
  2. evolution of flammable, toxic or asphyxiant gases;
  3. the formation of corrosive substances; or
  4. the formation of unstable substances.

.2 the package does not contain more than 30 litres for liquids or 30 kg for solids;

.3 the transport document includes the statement ” Transport in accordance with of the IMDG Code” and

.4 a copy of the test report that verifies that the substances do not react dangerously with each other shall be provided if requested by the competent authority.

These provisions may confuse the referrer as this relaxation still does not permit mixed packing of acids and alkalis greater than LQ volumes or either acid or alkali or both belong to packing group I or II in same package.

Care must be taken before preparing acid/ alkali shipments according to above Special provisions for segregation (refer section of IMDG Code for full details).

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