Ammonium Phosphate Fire Extinguisher

Ammonium phosphate fire extinguisher is suitable for Class A, B and C fires.

Rechargeable 5-lb monoammonium phosphate dry c...
Rechargeable 5-lb monoammonium phosphate dry chemical extinguisher. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Class A = Paper, wood or other common combustible materials

Class B = Flammable liquids, paints, or any liquid fire

Class C = Electrical fires

These fire extinguishers are pressurized with non-flammable gas.  When there is a fire and we operate the extinguisher the dry chemical power, Ammonium phosphate, will form a thin layer of coating over the burning material thus cut off the oxygen smothering the fire.

Pressurized dry chemical power fire extinguishers are classified under Class 2.2 UN Number 1044 in transport regulations.

Ammonium phosphate Fire Extinguisher at MIMS Hospital, Kozhikode, India

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