Are you trained in IMDG Code?

1. Are you trained in IMDG Code?

2. Is training in IMDG Code mandatory?

3. If you and/or your organization is involved in shipping packaged /containerized cargo by sea but do not accept/offer dangerous goods under IMDG Code do you still need training in IMDG Code?

Answer for 2nd and 3rd questions is YES!

35th Amendment of IMDG Code has come into force as  mandatory regulations from 1st January 2012. Training of Shore Side Personnel is mandatory according to IMDG Code since 1st January 2010!

Chapter 1.3 of IMDG Code, Training, specifies that employees shall be trained in the contents of dangerous goods provisions commensurate with their responsibilities. Untrained employees shall only perform functions under the direct supervision of a trained personnel.

IMDG Code establishes below trainings for Shore based Personnel

1. General awareness/familiarization training ( Mandatory )
2. Function-specific training ( Mandatory )
3. Safety training ( Recommendatory )
4. Security training ( Mandatory )

The requirement is to periodically supplement the training  with refresher trainings to take account of changes in regulations and practice.

Click on below link for guidance on shore based functions and related sections of IMDG Code to be trained.


Full details of training and related publications can be found in Chapter 1.3 of IMDG Code.

Safety of dangerous goods can only be ensured when all those concerned understand the risks involved  and have a detailed understanding of Dangerous Goods Regulations. Training is the first step towards this goal.

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