Automated IMDG Code

Why should one think of automated IMDG Code when printed books are available?

IMDG Code is the mandatory regulations for transporting dangerous goods by sea. The Code is amplified version of SOLAS  and MARPOL for safety of life at sea and prevention of marine pollution.

IMDG Code stipulates responsibilities of various stakeholders in transport of dangerous goods in packaged form which includes,

  • Shipper,
  • Laboratory Staff Who Test Chemicals,
  • Package Manufacturers,
  • Package Fillers,
  • Those Who Affix Marks and Labels On Packages,
  • Those Who Pack Container,
  • Those Who Fill Tank Containers,
  • Affix Marks and Placards On Containers And Tanks,
  • Carriers,
  • Masters of The Vessels,
  • Competent Authorities,
  • And More.

When a single code address such diverse people to comply with their own responsibilities it may cause misunderstandings and these misunderstandings, however small, may result in catastrophic accidents on ships or in ports even loss of lives.

How about a fully compliant Automated IMDG Code which has following advantages



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