Combustible Metal Dust Explosion – TITANIUM and ZIRCONIUM

16th July 2014 CSB released their final case study on metal dust explosion (December 9, 2010) which resulted in three deaths and one injury. The facility milled and processed scrap titanium and zirconium metal.

CSB findings reveal that solid organic materials and most metals will cause explosion if the particle size is small enough and are dispersed in sufficient concentration in a confined area.


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Transport regulations lists Titanium powder and Zirconium as below

TITANIUM POWDER, DRY                                                              – Class 4.2           UN Number 2546

TITANIUM POWDER, WETTED                                                     – Class 4.1            UN Number 1352

ZIRCONIUM POWDER, DRY                                                          – Class 4.2           UN Number 2008

ZIRCONIUM POWDER, WETTED                                                  – Class 4.1           UN Number 1358

ZIRCONIUM POWDER, WETTED                                                  – Class 4.1           UN Number 1358

ZIRCONIUM, SCRAP                                                                          – Class 4.2           UN Number 1932

ZIRCONIUM, SUSPENDED IN A FLAMMABLE LIQUID          – Class 3               UN Number 1308

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