Copra is dried coconut meat. Used mainly for extracting coconut oil, after extracting oil the seedcake is mainly used as animal feed.

Calicut, Kerala

Due to oil content Copra is classified as Dangerous Goods, Class 4.2, substances liable to spontaneous combustion. Oil expelled seedcake of Copra falls under same classification due to its nature of spontaneous combustion.

UN number assigned to Copra is UN 1363. IMDG Code describes Copra as Dried kernels of coconuts, with a penetrating rancid odour which may taint other cargoes.

Traditional bullock-powered coconut oil mill. ...

Further stowage requirement states “The cargo shall be stowed “Away from” pipes and bulkheads which are liable to become heated (e.g. engine-room or heated fuel tank bulkheads). During the voyage regular temperature readings shall be taken at varying depths in the hold and recorded. If the temperature of the cargo exceeds the ambient temperature and continues to increase, ventilation shall be closed down”.

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