IMDG Code 38-16 ‘Hazcheck Online’

 Shippers, forwarders and agents worldwide use Hazcheck Online to validate their dangerous goods shipments, produce documentation and to email a booking request to their shipping line.

Hazcheck Online is the subscription-based internet facility for shippers of dangerous goods. It is especially useful for occasional consignments and for document generation and transmission without the need for an in-house system.

The system will automatically take you through the process of checking a dangerous goods load for shipment in accordance with the IMDG Code requirements. It will help you to identify stowage and segregation conflicts, ensure that packaging is correct and produce a dangerous goods note when the load is successfully processed.

New in V13

·        Compliance with Amendment 38-16 of the IMDG Code

Save a load – this new feature has been introduced to Hazcheck Online so that a load can be saved at any stage (partial or fully complete) and then recalled without having to re-enter its data. A Dangerous Goods Note can be easily reproduced by recalling a completed load and clicking on the links through to the DGN. If required, changes can be made during the processing stages.

Dangerous Goods Note print options – Hazcheck Online prints the Dangerous Goods Note on the Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form show in section 5.4.5 of the IMDG Code. But when the number of items exceed the capacity of box 14 Shipping Marks on the Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form, the Continuation sheet is used as continuation pages for the remaining items..  To accommodate those users who do not use the Continuation sheet for their continuation pages you can use the Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form as continuation pages instead of the Continuation sheet.


  • Simplifies and speeds dangerous goods processing – no looking through books required!
  • Increases efficiency and enhances customer service – instant and accurate!
  • Enables staff to quickly and efficiently produce compliant dangerous goods transport documentation
  • Updated and maintained in line with IMDG Code Amendments and any subsequent errata
  • Optional access to the full text of the IMDG Code
  • Provides access to the ADR regulations for combined sea and road journeys
  • Reduces error and increases operational safety


Hazcheck Online is provided by Exis Technologies. For information for access please fill up below form

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