n-Propyl Bromide

n-Propyl bromide is a chemical widely used as cleaning agent and solvent in adhesives. A colourless liquid which if involved in fire will evolve toxic fumes.

3D diagram of n-propyl bromide molecule. Prepa...
3D diagram of n-propyl bromide molecule. Prepared with Discovery Studio Visualizer 1.7 and GIMP 2.2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many reported issues of health related to n-Propyl bromide in United
States.  Overexposure shows symptoms such as confusion, dysarthria, dizziness, paresthesias, excessive fatigue, headache, disturbances in vision, muscular twitching and paresthesias. Up to one year after termination of exposure symptoms may persists.

It has a flashpoint of 22 deg C resulting it to be classified as Flammable liquid Packing group II by transport regulations.  UN Model regulations and other transport regulations such as IMDG Code lists n-Propyl bromide with identification number UN 2344, Class 3.

IMDG Code requires this to be stowed clear from living quarters when loading on board ships.

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