Seed cake is the residue remaining after oil has been expelled mechanically from oil-rearing seeds.  Seed cake can be derived from  Bakery materials , Barley malt pellets , Beet Oil cake , Bran pellets , Brewers grain , pellets , Citrus pulp pellets , Coconut , Copra , Corn gluten , Cotton seed , Expellers ,Gluten pellets , Ground nuts, meal , Hominy chop , Linseed , Maize , Mill feed pellets , Niger seed, expellers, Palm kernel , Peanuts , Pellets, cereal , Pollard pellets , Rape seed , Rice bran , Rice broken , Safflower seed , Seed expellers, oily , Soya bean , Strussa pellets , Sunflower seed , Toasted meals etc.

Palm Kernel Cake
Palm Kernel Cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seed cake containing oil and moisture are liable to spontaneous combustion and thus may fall under dangerous goods classification criteria of Class 4.2 ( Substances liable to spontaneous combustion ).

IMDG Code lists two UN numbers for SEED CAKE

1. UN 1386

SEED CAKE, containing vegetable oil (a) mechanically expelled seeds, containing more than 10% of oil or more than 20% of oil and moisture combined

SEED CAKE, containing vegetable oil (b) solvent extractions and expelled seeds, containing not more than 10% of oil and when the amount of moisture is higher than 10%, not more than 20% of oil and moisture combined

2. UN 2217

SEED CAKE with not more than 1.5% oil and not more than 11% moisture

Copra drying house, Yap
Copra drying house, Yap (Photo credit: Joel Abroad)

Oily Seed Expellers must be shipped as UN 1386.

Break up of oil and moisture content is as below

Solvent-extracted soya bean meal containing not more than 1.5% oil and 11% moisture, being substantially free from flammable solvents are not considered as dangerous by IMDG Code provided shipment is accompanied by a certificate from shipper stating offered shipments meets this requirement.


    1. Are you loading on Bulk Carrier? as per IMSBC Code for bulk carriers This cargo shall only be accepted for loading when the temperature of the cargo is not higher than ambient temperature plus 10°C or 55°C, whichever is lower.


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