Segregation Groups


Dangerous goods having similar chemical properties are grouped together to correctly segregate incompatible materials. There are total 18 groups of Segregation in IMDG Code starting with 1. Acids till 18. Alkalis.

For example if a particular entry in dangerous goods list indicates segregation requirement like to be away or separated from ‘bromates’ that substance, material or article must be segregated from all those listed under group “bromates”

The bromate anion (space-filling model)

Below are the segregation groups listed in IMDG Code

  1. acids
  2. ammonium compounds
  3. bromates
  4. chlorates
  5. chlorites
  6. cyanides
  7. heavy metals and their salts (including their organometallic compounds)
  8. hypochlorites
  9. lead and its compounds
  10. liquid halogenated hydrocarbons
  11. mercury and mercury compounds
  12. nitrites and their mixtures
  13. perchlorates
  14. permanganates
  15. powdered metals
  16. peroxides
  17. azides
  18. alkalis


Visit page SEGREGATION GROUPS for dangerous goods listed under each group

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