Shippers' LOI for Vehicles (IMDG Code 37-14)

Some readers of this blog had contacted me for sample copy of “Shippers Declaration for Hazardous and/or Non-hazardous Vehicles” or asking what format it should be.

There is no specific format for this. The letter itself is not a mandatory requirement but some lines may ask as a confirmation.

 You may prepare the letter in any format but the meaning of the statement shall be that the shipment meets the requirements of Special Provision 961 (for Non Hazardous Vehicle) or Special Provision 962 (for Hazardous Vehicle)  of IMDG Code 37-14.

Click below for  sample formats of Non Hazardous and Hazardous Vehicle declaration. In addition to this Hazardous Vehicle need Dangerous Goods Declaration as per IMDG Code.

Non- Hazardous Vehicle Hazardous Vehicle



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