ISO Tank Training

ISO Tank Training

Familiarization and in-depth training in ISO Tanks

  • Conducted as In-House Training or External Venue
  • Duration : 2 Days (2 x 8 hours Class room + Field training when arranged by organisation)
  • Level : Entry-level and Professional
  • Prerequisites : None


Learning Points

ISO Tank Field Training
ISO Tank Field Training
  • Regulations
  •  Tank Types
  • Tank Components
  • T Codes
  • Tank Provisions
  • Filling Ratio
  • Marking
  • Documentation
  • Ullage, Centre of Gravity
  • Inspection & Tests Prototype,
  • 2.5 & 5 Year, Exemption
  • Safe Operation
  • Filling / Discharging
  • Entry into Enclosed Space and Working Aloft


  1. Good Day Marwa,

    Currently am offering this training to corporate bookings in India or when sufficient number of individual candidates are available. Where are you from ?


  2. does here include parts repairs? We need training here in Dammam we are new ISO tank Cleaning facility. Maybe you can go here in Dammam.

    1. Hello Aubrey, This training does not include reparing of Tanks but covers IMDG Code and CFR 49 regulatory requirements, calculation of filling of liquid cargo. consingment procedure of Marking and Placarding the tanks and preparing dangerous goods documentation


  3. Do the signatory need to be certified from any body to sign the D.G. declarations or any body from shipper can sign?

    1. Hello Pramod,
      As per IMDG Code chapter 5.4 it is the shipper who must sign the dangerous goods declaration and shipper must receive training as per chapter 1.3 of IMDG Code. An untrained shipper signing dangerous goods declaration may result in civil/criminal penalties if the shipment meets an accident or the entire claim may be written off.
      Regarding being certified, it depends on country to country. Certain countries have authorized training schools who are only legally approved to deliver training and certification. As per IMDG Code only training and record of training is mandatory, this is to show the proof of training if an audit takes place.


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