CFR 49 Additional requirements

Below are some additional requirements in Dangerous Goods Declaration (Shipping Papers) as per 49 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations, 49).

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49 CFR is U.S.A specific transport regulations & part 100-185 of 49 CFR deals with dangerous goods transport by Road (highway), Rail, Air and Sea. This is based on UN Model regulations and is almost harmonized with other model regulations.


UN Number

49 CFR Section


Ex Number 3268Air bag inflator, Air bag module, or Seat-belt pre-tensioner 173.166 Air bag inflators, air bag modules and seat-belt pretensioners classified under UN 3268 must be approved by Associated administrator who will issue an EX number upon satisfaction of the requirements. Shipping paper must contain this EX Number or product code of each approved inflator, module or pretensioner together with other mandatory details required by the shipping paper. Ex Number or product code is not required to be marked on the packages
T- Number/ LAA Numbers


49 CFR 173.308 (C) A test report identifier, that is, the authorized person or agency identifier code immediately followed by an alpha/numeric identifier of four or more characters assigned to the specific lighter design by the authorized person or agency (e.g., “LAA****,” where, “LAA” is the identification code assigned to the authorized person or agency by the Associate Administrator and “****” is replaced with the unique test report identifier assigned to the specific lighter design by the authorized person or agency);
Transitional provisions. Until January 1, 2012, approval numbers issued by the Associate Administrator prior to January 1, 2007 may continue to be marked on packages and annotated on shipping papers, where applicable. After that time, previously issued approvals (i.e., T-***) will no longer be valid and each lighter design currently in production must be re-examined and tested under the provisions of this section.
Reportable Quantity
Various Appendix to 49 CFR 172.101 When quantity in package equals or increases the quantity specified in Appendix to 49 CFR 172.101 shipping paper must contain letters “RQ” either before or after the basic description of dangerous goods.Please refer special provisions and related section of 49 CFR for full details. Click here to look up Reportable Quantity for a substance.
“Poison-Inhalation Hazard” or “Toxic-Inhalation Hazard”
Mostly Class 2.3, 6.1 and some Materials in 8 (HMT Column 7 and 172.102) In column 7 of Hazardous Material table if or 5 is mentioned then poison inhalation hazard zone must be identified on the shipping paper.1 = Zone A2 = Zone B3 = Zone C

4 = Zone D


Emergency Response Number All 172.201(d), 172.604 Emergency contact Telephone number must be entered as “EMERGENCY CONTACT: xxx-xxx-xxxx” (include international access code if applicable).
Special Permits and Exemptions As applicable If the shipment is under any special permit or exemption then same must be entered on Shipping Paper (“DOT-SPxxxxx” or “DOT-Exxxxx” Special Permit or Exemption number)

Please refer to latest 49 CFR for full details of these requirements.