The caramel color in coca cola and pepsi is made by using the chemical 4-methylimidazole.

The hazard symbol for carcinogenic chemicals i...
The hazard symbol for carcinogenic chemicals in the Globally Harmonized System. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4-methylimidazole is now identified as a carcinogen by US FDA in California. The FDA requirement of having cancer warning on product package is now being nullified by modifying the manufacturing process.

The “wisemen” say there is no cancer risk in consuming coca cola or pepsi containing carcinogen 4-methylimidazole because the dosage required to cause cancer may be present only if one consumes 1000 or more cans a day.

4-methylimidazole is classified as Corrosive substances, Class 8 as per classification criteria of IMDG Code.

Shanghai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)