Combustible Material


Any material which is easily ignited and supports combustion is called as combustible material.

Example: Wood, Paper, Straw, Vegetable Fibres, products made from such materials, coal, lubricants and oils.

Combustion - 2011-01-28
Combustion – 2011-01-28 (Photo credit: fred_v)

 For the purpose of segregation, from combustible materials, packaging material or dunnage is not considered as combustible material as they are essential for containing and securing the cargo.

Combustible material may or may not be dangerous goods.

Definitions in SOLAS chapter II-2, Construction, fire protection, detection, extinction, (Regulation 3)

1. Combustible Material: is any material other than a non-combustible material.

2. Non-combustible material: is a material which neither burns nor gives off flammable vapours in sufficient quantity for self-ignition when heated to approximately 750 Deg C, being determined in accordance with the Fire Test Procedures Code (FTP Code).