Competent Authority’s Responsibilities in IMDG Code 37th Amendment

There are various parties involved in different aspects of transporting dangerous goods in packaged form by sea. Each party have their one role(s) and responsibilities for compliance to IMDG Code ensuring safety at sea and protection of marine environment.

Below is the list of provisions which require exemption. Approval, authorization or involvement by competent authority. National competent authorities may use this list to delegate duties among their departments or bodies they have authorized to perform these duties.

Section No.          Indicative description of Competent Authority’s role                  Notifying infringements by an entity who is from the jurisdiction of another competent authority                  Auditing an entity for verification of employee training                  Verifying IMDG Code training records and setting period for record keeping                  Applying additional security measures               Verifying security training records and setting period for record keeping                  Inspecting effectiveness of Radiation Protection Programme                  Quality assurance inspection for special form radioactive material, low dispersible radioactive material and packages                  Special arrangements for transport of radioactive materials            Sent notification for transboundary movement of waste               Authorizing transport of solid waste in bulk cargo transport unit and road vehicles                  Class 1 Explosives, classification               Exclusion from Class 1 Explosives               Assigning fireworks on basis of analogy               Flammability of gas –               Gas mixtures            Classification of self-reactive substances not listed in               Classification of organic peroxides not listed in               Live infected animals         acceptance threshold for special form radioactive material         Alternative volumetric leakage assessment -radioactive material            Classification as Type B(U), Type B(M) or Type C packages – radioactive material                  Designating substances to be environmentally hazardous                  Genetically modified live animals

2.9.4.                    Verification of tests data, calibration data etc. of Lithium Batteries                Excluding a substance mixture or article from Marine Pollutant requirements               Gases requiring stabilization during transport

3.3.1 – Special Provisions

16 –                      Authorization for transport of Samples of new or existing explosive substances or articles – UN 0190

76 –                      Authorizing Transport – various entries

127 –                    Authorizing inert materials other than listed by IMDG  Code for phegmetizing properties – UN 2907

133 –                    Authorizing packaging other than listed in P409 and dispensation of EXPLOSIVE subsidiary risk label – UN 2956

178 –                    Authorizing explosives articles under N.O.S. Entries

181 –                    Dispensing EXPLOSIVE subsidiary risk label for Organic Peroxides and Self-reactive Substances

232 –                    Authorizing packaging other than tanks for UN 3257 3258

237 –                    Exempting nitrocellulose membrane filters

239 –                    Authorizing transport of Sodium batteries with liquid elemental sodium – UN 3292

250 –                    Authorizing transport of samples under The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction – UN 3315

266 –                     Authorizing transport of explosives with less phlegmatizer than specified

271 –                    Classifying nitroglycerin under Class 4.1

272 –                    Classifying nitroglycerin under Class 4.1

278 –                    Classifying Nitroglycerin Mixture, Desensitized, Liquid, Flammable under PG I and packaging for same

283 –                    Acceptance of quality-assurance standard for manufacturing Articles Pressurized Pneumatic – UN 3164

288 –                    Classification of NITROGLYCERIN MIXTURE, DESENSITIZED, LIQUID – UN 3357

301 –                    Authorizing transport of Dangerous Goods in Machinery or Apparatus with more than LQ volume – UN 3363

309 –                    Approval or Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion, Suspension or Gel – UN 3375

311 –                    Approval of DESENSITIZED EXPLOSIVE, LIQUID, N.O.S. – UN 3379

356 –                    Approval of metal hydride storage system – UN 3468

363 –                    Approval of containment system and more than 1500L fuel for Dangerous Goods in Machinery or Apparatus – UN 1202 1203 1223 1268 1863 3475

364 –                    Approval of test for transport in Limited Quantities – UN 0012 0014

376 –                    Defective Lithium Batteries

925 –                    Approving laboratory for testing charcoal – UN 1361 1362

926 –                    Authorizing personnel for issuing certificate of moisture content in copra – UN 1363

928 –                    Exempting fishmeal from the provisions of IMDG Code – UN 1374 2216

929 –                    Permitting transport of Seed Cake (a) under Seed Cake (b) – UN 1386

952 –                    Authorizing bulk container for UN 1942

959 –                    Authorizing transport of waste aerosols on long international voyages – UN 1950

961 –                    Approving certain Lithium Batteries in vehicles – UN 3166

962 –                    Approving certain Lithium Batteries in vehicles – UN 3166

964 –                    Authorizing laboratory for testing Potassium Nitrate               Extending period of plastics drums and jerricans, rigid plastics IBCs and composite IBCs with plastics inner receptacles.           Authorizing transport of IBC beyond last inspection date              Design type approval for pressure receptacles              Approving alternate method for periodic inspection of pressure receptacles              Marking of pressure receptacles not meeting the criteria of chapter 6.2                 Authorizing packaging, IBCs and Large packaging not listed in the packing instructions              Authorizing transport of unpackaged articles other than Class 1

4.1.4 List of packing instructions

P099                     Approving packaging for specific goods

P101                     Approving packaging for specific goods

P200(1)                Pressure relief device

P200(2)                Frequency of periodic inspection for pressure receptacles which make use of composite materials

P200(4.k)             Minimum wall thickness for pressure drums

P200v                   increasing interval of periodic inspection for steel cylinders

P201                     Approval of cylinders – UN 3167, 3168, 3169

P405                     Authorizing transport of dry phosphorus in projectiles or hard-cased articles – UN 1381

P620                     Alternative packagings for the transport of animal material

P902                     Requirement of pressure receptacles UN 3268

P905                     Cylinders – UN 2990, 3072

P907                     Filling density of cylinders

IBC099                 Approving IBC for specific goods

IBC520                 Approving IBC for organic peroxides and self-reactive formulations not listed in IBC520

LP99                     Approving Large Packaging for specific goods

LP902                   Requirement of pressure receptacles UN 3268               Large and robust explosives articles               Approval of packaging            Requirements for pressure receptacles              Authorizing organic peroxides and self-reactive substances of type F in IBC              Compatibility of dangerous goods and portable tank           Increasing or Decreasing the maximum mean bulk temperature for degree of filling in tanks            Authorizing self-reactive substances and organic peroxides with an SADT less than 55°C in portable tanks            Degree of filling for class 7 substances in portable tanks              Allowing higher initial degree of filling for refrigerated liquefied gases              Procedure for calculating actual holding time – refrigerated liquefied gases              Authorizing portable tanks for dangerous goods not authorized in portable tanks

T23                       Assigning control and emergency temperature for organic peroxides & self-reactive substances in tanks

TP4                       Degree of filling for substances in class 7

TP9                       Authorizing transport of certain dangerous goods in tanks

TP10                     Approving lining for tanks with material other than lead

TP16                     Approval of pressure device on tank

TP23                     Setting special condition for transport in tank

TP24                     Approval of device to prevent the build-up of excess pressure due to the slow decom position of the substance transported in tank                 Authorizing bulk containers for substances not authorized by IMDG Code           Authorizing single infected articles without plastic bag               Extending usage of plastics single packaging beyond 5 years              Approving transport of IBC beyond 6 months from last periodic test/inspection              Design type of pressure receptacle              Alternative method for inspection of pressure receptacle              Marking of pressure receptacle not meeting part 6.2                 Authorizing packaging, IBCs and Large Packaging not specifically authorized by IMDG Code              Authorizing transport of unpackaged articles other than explosives              Shipment approvals for Radioactive materials              Shipment approval by special arrangement for Radioactive materials                 Certificate issuance for Radioactive materials              Dispensing explosive subsidiary risk label for type B self-reactive substances         Dispensing explosive subsidiary risk label for type B organic peroxides           Assigning entries EXPLOSIVE, N.O.S.           Authorizing explosives with lesser water of phlegmatizer            Issuance of fireworks classification reference              Authorizing drums on roll              Determining period between fumigant application and loading of the fumigated cargo transport unit on board the ship              Procedure for design type of packaging              Intervals for testing packaging on production samples              Selective Testing of packaging              Approving pressure receptacles without UN certification marking              Pressure receptacle for acetylene        Capacity of pressure relief devices              Quality assurance systems for pressure receptacles           Replacing hydraulic pressure test by gas              Extending the usage of composite cylinders beyond 15 years                 Gas cylinders – Welded carbon-steel gas cylinders – Periodic inspection and testing                 Conformity assessment system and approval for manufacture of pressure receptacles         Communicate with other competent authorities about design type approval, modifications of approvals, and withdrawn approvals                 Approval system for periodic inspection and testing of pressure receptacles           Approving Periodic inspection and testing body           Auditing periodic inspection and testing body and its quality system           Examine the documentation and verify the inspections on pressure receptacles           Provide details for denial of approval           Modifications to periodic inspection and testing body approvals           Communicate to any other competent authority, information concerning initial approvals, modifications of approvals, and withdrawn approvals              Authorizing engraving of inspection dates on acetylene cylinders                 Authorizing non-UN pressure receptacles                  Salvage pressure receptacles              Marking of salvage pressure receptacles              Alternative methods for testing Aerosol dispensers                 Exempting water bath testing for Aerosol dispensers

6.3                       Test provisions for packagings                 Packages designed to contain 0.1 kg or more of uranium hexafluoride

6.4.9                     Provisions for Type B(M) packages                 operational controls for venting of Type B(M) packages

6.5                       Various Provisions related to the construction and testing of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)

6.6                       Various Provisions related to the construction and testing of large packagings

6.7                        Various provisions related to the design, construction, inspection and testing of portable tanks and multiple-element gas containers (MEGCs)

6.8                        Road tank vehicles

6.9                        Design, construction, inspection and testing of bulk containers                  Requirement of offshore containers                  Authorizing drums on roll                  Approving packing of goods which require segregation away from each other in same container                  Relaxing temperature control               Authorizing drums on roll               Authorizing over stowing of portable tanks                  Approval of Shipborne barges                  Approving packing of goods which require segregation away from each other in same barge                  Special provisions for incidents involving radioactive material                  Exemptions from the provisions of IMDG Code                  Approvals as required by IMDG Code