UASC IMDG Workshop Participants

Dangerous Goods Workshop – UASC, India

UASC, United Arab Shipping Agency (India) Pvt Ltd, organized a Workshop for Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Sea under SOLAS & MARPOL Conventions. The two days workshop, held from 11th to 12th of December 2015, covered General awareness Familiarization + Documentation and Security Provisions under IMDG Code & chapter XI-2 of SOLAS 74, as amended, and of part A of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS).

Participants deliberated the current practices of industry against regulatory requirements of IMDG Code.

UASC IMDG Workshop Participants
UASC IMDG Workshop Participants From Right to Left: Shashi Kallada, Harshala Singh, Dinesh Ramane, Pravin Daunde, Avinash Bhandary, Aditya Shivnekar

The workshop was conducted by