Dimethyl dicarbonate is a liquid with sharp odor. One of the uses of dimethyl dicarbonate is as an antibacterial substance in beverage industry. This can also kill yeast in wine before bottling.

Maesil drink
Maesil drink (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a chemical when transported by sea dimethyl dicarbonate is classified as UN 2927 Class 6.1 (toxic substances) Packing Group II/III.

English: Korean beverage. Pine Bud Drink.
English: Korean beverage. Pine Bud Drink. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. How would you store Dimethyldicarbonate for longer periods of time (>12 months), as we have noticed during shipping this chemical or either during its storage we saw busted bottles or necks. How could we stabilize this chemical better, even when we store them at R.T and pack them under nitrogen. Is there any stabilizer we could add….
    waiting for your response.

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