Diwali and Fireworks safety

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India celebrated by lighting numerous oil lamps and use of fireworks. After every Diwali celebration newspapers reports many accidents involving fireworks injuries, some grievous.

English: An oil lamp made of clay used for the...
English: An oil lamp made of clay used for the diwali festival in India (Haryana). Deutsch: Eine indische Öllampe aus Ton während des Diwali-Festes in Haryana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below are some safety tips while handling fireworks

  1. Never try to modify or make your own fireworks
  2. Do not use fireworks in doors
  3. Do not use fireworks in crowded streets
  4. Never light fireworks in metal containers or glass containers
  5. Kids shall not be allowed to use fireworks other than sparklers or similar products and only under watch.
  6. Do not keep fireworks in your pocket
  7. Do hold sparklers and other hand held articles well away from body
  8. Point fireworks away from home, other buildings and check the area where residue of rockets may fall
  9. Keep available fire extinguishing media, water or extinguisher, at ready disposal

List of cautions can be endless, always use common sense and check possibility of fire and injury while using fireworks.

A last word; pets and other animals are not amused with your fireworks, they in fact hate it!

In transport regulations fireworks are classified as explosives with below entries

Class                      UN Number

1.1G                      0333

1.2G                      0334

1.3G                      0335

1.4G                      0336

1.4S                       0337

Below image, courtesy U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission, Fireworks Injuries infographic, highlight the risks.

CPSC Science: Fireworks Injuries 2013 Update
CPSC Science: Fireworks Injuries 2013 Update

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