On Friday, April 27th,2012 Hong Kong Published through its official gazette two dangerous goods regulations; Dangerous Goods (Application and Exemption) Regulation (DG(A&E)R) 2012 and the Dangerous Goods (Shipping) Regulation (DG(S)R) 2012.

עברית: נמל ויקטוריה, הונג קונג English: Hong K...
עברית: נמל ויקטוריה, הונג קונג English: Hong Kong - Victoria Harbour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three of the existing regulations are being replaced by four new regulations in two phases.

Buildings in Admirity, Hong Kong 金鐘
Buildings in Admirity, Hong Kong 金鐘 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DG(A&E)R 2012 refers to types and quantities of dangerous goods by land, DG(S)R 2012 sets the regulatory controls of dangerous goods transport by sea ( Hong Kong waters).

Both the regulations will be introduced to Legislative Council of Hong Kong on 2nd May and will come into force on a day set by Secretary of Security which will be notified through official gazette.

立法會大樓 Legislative Council Building
立法會大樓 Legislative Council Building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Source :  http://www.info.gov.hk

Visit Gazette Published on Friday, 27/4/2012 No. 17 Vol. 16 – Legal Supplement 2 at http://www.gld.gov.hk/cgi-bin/gld/egazette/index.cgi?lang=e&agree=0