IMDG Code – Mandatory Sections

IMDG Code is treated as a mandatory instrument under chapter VII of
SOLAS 74, as amended. Only below provisions of IMDG Code remain recommendatory:


1. paragraphs to (Training);
2. chapter 1.4 (Security provisions) except, which is mandatory;
3. section 2.1.0 of chapter 2.1 (class 1 – explosives, Introductory notes);
4. section 2.3.3 of chapter 2.3 (Determination of flashpoint);
5. columns (15) and (17) of the Dangerous Goods List in chapter 3.2;
6. section 5.4.5 of chapter 5.4 (Multimodal dangerous goods form),    insofar as the layout of the form is concerned;
7. chapter 7.3 (Special provisions in the event of an incident and fire precautions involving dangerous goods only);
8. section 7.9.3 (Contact information for the main designated national competent authorities); and
9. appendix B.