Krill Meal is made from krills which are shrimps like marine invertebrate animal. Krill meal has various uses such as aquarium feed, bait for carp and for production of omega 3 oils. Approximately 200,000 tons of krill meal is transported globally.  Though similar to fish meal krill meal has a different chemical property containing a natural stabilizing substance,  ethoxyquin, and more fat content.

A Northern krill (Meganyctiphanes norvegica) by Øystein Paulsen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since Krill meal is having property of class 4.2 and also not fitting into the criteria set for fish meal under class 4.2 UN 1374 and Class 9 UN 2216 a new UN number was adopted by UN Model Regulations and subsequently added to the latest edition of IMDG Code.

English: Many krill. Photo taken in the Gulf o...
English: Many krill. Photo taken in the Gulf of the Farallones. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IMDG Code amendment 36-12 lists Krill Meal as UN 3497, KRILL MEAL , 4.2, Packing Group II & III with observation reading “Pink to red meal derived from Krill which is a shrimp-like marine organism. Medium odour, which may affect other sensitive cargo. Liable to self-heating. Naturally rich in anti-oxidants, which lessen the risk of spontaneous heating”

English: Krill meat plates
English: Krill meat plates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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