Lighters are pressurized article containing butane gas which is triggered to ignition by flint or piezoelectric ignition system. The design of the lighter is such that the ignition and release of flammable gas can only occur by action by the user and it cannot run into ignition when stored.

A partial profile view of the ignition system ...

There are two standards for lighters (1) ISO 9994:2002 and (2) European standard EN 13869:2002. European standard includes child-resistance specifications also.

Lighter refills are gas canisters to fill lighters exhausted its fuel.

Special provisions of transport regulations states

  • Lighters shall be provided with protection against inadvertent discharge.
  • The liquid portion of the gas shall not exceed 85% of the capacity of the receptacle at 15 °C.
  •  The receptacles, including the closures, shall be capable of withstanding an internal pressure of twice the pressure of the liquefied petroleum gas at 55 °C.
  •  The valve mechanisms and ignition devices shall be securely sealed, taped or otherwise fastened or designed to prevent operation or leakage of the contents during transport.
  •  Lighters shall not contain more than 10 g of liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Lighter refills shall not contain more than 65 g of liquefied petroleum gas

Lighters and Lighter refills are listed as UN 1057 class 2.1 in IMDG Code