Limited Quantities – Segregation

A package of dangerous goods in limited quantities do not have any segregation requirement with another package of dangerous goods. However if we have two different dangerous goods in same package as LQ  the requirement is :

1. Both substances shall not dangerously react with each other and cause

a) combustion and/or evolution of considerable heat

b) evolution of flammable, toxic or asphyxiant gases

c) the formation of corrosive substances

d) the formation of unstable substances

2. Apply segregation provisions of chapter 7.2 of IMDG Code + provisions in column (16) of the Dangerous Goods List.

If both the substances belongs to same class and packing group III they  can be packed in same package disregarding requirement of individual schedule provided mix loading complies with point no. 1 above.

If you prepare a consignment according to above you must enter a statement in dangerous goods declaration which shall read as “Transport in accordance with of the IMDG Code”