Musk Xylene (5-tert-BUTYL-2,4,6-TRINITRO-m- XYLENE ) is a chemical having the smell of natural musk.  Musk Xylene has explosive properties if kept under confinement. Transport regulations classify Musk Xylene under Class 4.1, Flammable Solids.

Listed in IMDG Code under UN 2956 Musk Xylene’s packing instructions only allows packages which do not create confinement. IMDG Code authorized packages are Fibre drums max net mass 50 Kg or Fibreboard box with an inner plastic bag max net mass 50 Kg or Fibreboard box or fibre drum with inner plastic packaging each containing 5 Kg and total net mass not more than 25 Kg.

If any other package is used other than what is permitted in packing instructions then the product must display a subsidiary risk label of explosives however this requirement may be removed provided competent authority of the country of origin permits so basis test data showing there is no explosive behaviour in the packaging used.

During transport packages containing Musk Xylene shall be protected from direct sunshine and stored (or kept) in a cool and well ventilated place, away from all sources of heat.