samsung-galaxy-note-7- Photo by Dhunganashashwat

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Safety and Transport Regulations

Samsung’s new smart phone, Galaxy Note -7, is in news due to alleged fire from Lithium battery in some case gutting down entire vehicle and a garage. There are many cases of reported fire from Galaxy Note-7 which has caused worldwide concern on safety of air travel. 

samsung-galaxy-note-7- Photo by Dhunganashashwat
samsung-galaxy-note-7- Photo by Dhunganashashwat

 This model of phone is containing a Li-Ion battery of 3500 mAh.  The statement issued by Samsung about recalling of phones state that almost 35 cases of incidents reported globally about faulty products and is due to a very rare case when the anode-to-cathode came into contact.

Lithium battery fire is a major concern in transport industry especially in air passenger travel sector. Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia have asked passengers not to use or charge Samsung Galaxy Note-7 while on board the plane. Followed by this U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has issued advisory to air passengers not to turn on or charge these phones on board aircrafts and not to carry them in any checked in baggage.

India's DGCA has banned carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on power on mode on flights
FAA Statemen on Samsung Galaxy Note -7
FAA Statement on Samsung Galaxy Note -7

Shipping Lithium-Ion Battery

Shipping of Lithium-Ion battery has stringent regulations. Shipping regulations have given exemption for lower Watt hour Lithium-Ion cells and batteries which still has restrictions on quantity per package and need of marking, labelling and documentation.

Packing instructions change depending whether new batteries or damaged batteries or whether batteries are transported for disposal or recycling.

  • Lithium-Ion cells with Watt hour rating more than 20 Wh need to be transported as Dangerous Goods
  • Lithium-Ion batteries with Watt hour rating more than 100 Wh need to be transported as Dangerous Goods

li-ion-batteries-transportAbove table is for guidance only. Mobile phone batteries are exempted under special provision 188.

To know more about safe transportation of Lithium Metal and lithium Ion cells and batteries refer to transport regulations or check with your carrier.