Segregation Groups in IMDG Code

Dangerous goods having similar chemical properties are grouped together to correctly segregate incompatible materials. There are total 18 groups of Segregation in IMDG Code starting with 1. Acids till 18. Alkalis.

Click on group names below to visit respective page containing dangerous goods listed under each group

  1. acids
  2. ammonium compounds
  3. bromates
  4. chlorates
  5. chlorites
  6. cyanides
  7. heavy metals and their salts (including their organometallic compounds)
  8. hypochlorites
  9. lead and its compounds
  10. liquid halogenated hydrocarbons
  11. mercury and mercury compounds
  12. nitrites and their mixtures
  13. perchlorates
  14. permanganates
  15. powdered metals
  16. peroxides
  17. azides
  18. alkalis


    1. Good Day Sarin,
      UN Numbers are listed under segregation group. If para Cresol is declared under a N.O.S. entry belonging to a segregation group then only this will be applicable to the said group.
      Can you let me know which UN Number para Cresol is being declared?


    1. Hello. UN 1760 is not listed in any segregation group. However if shipper with his knowledge about the product know it belongs to any can assign a segregation group.


      1. Thanks- it is being asked by Steamship. This material is incompatible with oxidizing materials from our SDS- it is an amine.

        1. If you consider it an amine and has the properties then sergregation group will be 18. Alkali – this is in case the property of alkali is really applicable


  1. Hi ~
    IMDG 9 / un 3082 is not listed in any segregation groups

    Could you please advise us segregation groups ( 1~ 18) of CLASS 9 UNNO 3082, tks.

    1. UN 3082 is not listed in any segregation group. If your cargo has any property(s) of segregation group(s) 1 to 18 you may assign same according to para of IMDG Code.


    1. Hello Wendy,

      UN 1247 METHYL METHACRYLATE MONOMER, STABILIZED is not assigned to any segregation group. please follow the normal segregation as per segregation table.


  2. Dear Shashi,

    Could you please advise segregation group for UN 0012 DG class 1.4S?
    Can’t find exact info how to proceed.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

  3. Dear Shashi,

    Good Day..

    Where we will find segregation group for all Un number and class?

    any sources available online??

    if you have please let me know

    Thanks and Regards,
    Amrut Pawar

    1. Hi Kristina, 1950 Aerosols are not assigned to segregation group. Segregation is as for class 9 provided the capacity of each can of aerosol is 1 litre or less. If more than 1 litre capacity then segregation as for class 2.2


  4. hi sir,
    un no.1224. commodity 3-methyl-3-penten-2-one , ketones,lquid,n.o.c.
    can i get the segregation group of this commodity
    class: 3, cas no.565-62-8

  5. Dear Sir ,

    Please advise segregation group UN # 9 AND IMCO : 3077

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