Sterilization death and Zinc Phosphide – India

To stem the population growth one of the method employed by government in India is providing free sterilization to women also attracting the poor by offering Rs. 1400- ( 22 US Dollars) to undergo tubal ligation procedure.

The mass sterilization drive held in second week of November at Bilaspur in Indian state of Chhattisgarh resulted more than 13 death and serious health issues to many more.

Antibiotic ciprofloxacin administered is reported to be contaminated with rat poison (Zinc Phosphide).

This tragic incident shows how pathetic the basic medical procedures are being run in rural areas with utter disregard to human lives.

Zinc Phosphide is a powerful toxic substance which decomposes slowly in contact with water or damp air, evolving phosphine, a spontaneously flammable and highly toxic gas. When ingested Zinc Phosphide reacts with water and gastric acid to produce phosphine  gas which effects almost all vital organs and central nervous system.

UN Model Regulations list Zinc Phosphide under UN Number 1714 Class 4.3, subsidiary risk 6.1 Packing group I