The Question on FORMIC ACID Flashpoint

Ever since entry for Formic Acid came into IMDG Code as UN 1779, Class 8 subsidiary risk Class 3, FORMIC ACID with more than 85% acid, by mass, the confusion on flash point is tagging along.

 Formic acid, 85% lab reagent grade. Appr. 25 ml of acid. Author W. Oelen
Formic acid, 85% lab reagent grade. Appr. 25 ml of acid.
Author W. Oelen

Some Shippers offer UN 1779 8/3 FORMIC ACID with flash point above 60 Deg C.c.c. and Shipping Line’s Dangerous Goods Safety Approvers reject the request to load asking clarification.

Some Dangerous Goods Safety Approvers do accept to load UN 1779 with flash point above 60 Deg C.c.c considering the fact though FP is above 60 it is not deteriorating safety as per Document of Compliance and SOLAS Chapter II-2., (CONSTRUCTION – FIRE PROTECTION, FIRE DETECTION AND FIRE EXTINCTION).

As per classification of IMDG Code upper limit of flash point for liquids which are to be classified as Class 3 or Subsidiary Risk 3 stops at 60 Deg C.c.c. and shippers offer UN 1779 Class 8/3 with FP above 80 Deg C.c.c.

Table for Formic Acid Concentration v/s Flashpoint
formic acid conentration and flashpoint table
formic acid concentration and flashpoint table

Adding to confusion is missing special provision 223 for UN 1779; however using UN 3412 depending on the concentration, flash point and applying chapter 2 of model regulation for selection of Proper Shipping Name shippers can reach to correct classification for their product.