Three Steps to Segregation – IMDG Code 37-14

From 1st January 2016 the 37th amendment of IMDG Code published in 2014 is in force.

Segregation of dangerous goods have different provisions like, general provisions, segregation inside containers, Segregation on container ships, Segregation on ro-ro ships, Segregation on general cargo ships, Segregation between barges on board barge carrying ships.

Click on image below to access general segregation table and take “Three Steps” to check segregation within a container.

Before checking the Segregation Table, you must be aware that there are;

  • 280 intersections in Segregation Table with 56 conclusions
  • 18 Segregation Groups
  • 72 Segregation Codes
  • 2820 entries in IMDG Code
  • 761 entries assigned with Segregation Codes which may over rule the segregation table
  • Additional Special Segregation provisions and exemptions
  • Different Segregation Provisions for Class 1 Explosives
  • And moreSEGREGATION TABLE 37-14

Found Segregation provisions difficult? There is an automatic and easy way out….. find it here



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