Time to Change IMDG Code

If you haven’t done, it’s time to change your IMO books to 36th amendment.

IMDG Code (Amdt. 36-12) will come into force from 1st January 2014. Almost all shipping lines have already switched over to IMDG Code 36-12 to ensure compliance for dangerous goods being carried and or delivered on or after 1st January 2014.

Chapter 1.3 of IMDG Code makes it mandatory for shore side personnel engaged in transport of dangerous goods by sea to receive training commensurate with their responsibilities.

Competent Authority of India, Directorate General of Shipping, through its circular M.S. Notice No. 6 of 2010 reiterates the mandatory requirement of training of shore based personnel.

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Container ship Bahia Laura
Container ship Bahia Laura (Photo credit: L2F1)