Vinyl Acetate (CAS # 108-05-4 )  is an important chemical in the polymer industry. According to information 6,154,000 tonnes/annum was produced globally in the year 2007.

Ball-and-stick model of the vinyl acetate mole...
Ball-and-stick model of the vinyl acetate molecule, C 4 H 6 O 2 . Structure calculated using HF/6-31G* in Spartan '04 Student Edition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Synonyms of vinyl acetate are Vinyl Ester Acetic Acid, Ethenyl Ester, Vinyl Acetate Monomer, VAM, Ethenyl Acetate, 1-Acetoxyethylene.

Vinyl acetate can polymerize uncontrollably hence it is shipped with polymerization inhibitor, mostly hydroquinone.  Long exposure to heat, sunlight, UV or x-rays may result in polymerization.  Contamination with amines, acids, alkalis, silica, alumina, oxidizing agents will ersult in spontaneous polymerization.  Heat and pressure generated polymerization will result in rupture of shipping packages, spillage and fire.

Vinyl acetate is flammable with closed cup flashpoint -8 deg C and open cup at -4 deg C.

IMDG Code lists Vinyl acetate under UN 1301 VINYL ACETATE, STABILIZED Class 3 Packing Group II

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