What is CAT?

Cat, Felis catus, is a domesticated carnivorous animal.

A young male cat
A young male cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But CAT is Critical Ambient Temperature which is a very important one representing thermal  stability of Calcium Hypochlorite.

Much has been said and written about dangers of Calcium Hypochlorite. Many ships had experienced powerful explosion and subsequent fire resulting in total loss of vessel due to this chemical.

Hypochlorite de calcium

The lowest ambient temperature at which the runaway reaction occurs is the critical ambient temperature (CAT) of the material.

Quote from U.K. PnI Club

“Examples in the literature show that Professor Brian Gray determined that the critical ambient temperature for a 40 kg keg of CH containing 8.5% moisture, UN2880, is about 55°C whereas for a 200kg drum of the material it is about 44°C. It follows from this that a container load of 200kg drums will have a CAT lower than 44°C because the drums will thermally interact with each other within the container.”

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