Chemicals under Pressure

IMDG Code 36th amendment has 6 new entries* listed starting from UN 3500 to 3505 with Proper Shipping Names CHEMICAL UNDER PRESSURE, N.O.S. The variants are

  • Non-flammable,
  • Flammable,
  • Non-flammable toxic,
  • Non-flammable corrosive,
  • Flammable toxic,
  • Flammable Corrosive

These entries are made to accommodate liquids, pastes or powders, pressurized with a compressed or liquefied gas under sufficient pressure to eject the content. These may include adhesive or paint, and a gas or gas-mixture in a pressure receptacle, which is under sufficient pressure to allow spray application or extrusion.

UN 1950 cannot be used for these dangerous goods due to its own limitation.

Depending on the division of propellant classification may fall under class 2.1 (Flammable gas) or class 2.2 (non-flammable non-toxic gas). Class 2.3, toxic gases are not allowed to be used as propellants. Further depending on the nature of the components other than the propellant subsidiary risk of 6.1 or 8 may be applicable. However components falling under Class 6.1 or Class 8 are prohibited under these entries.

Entries of Chemicals Under Pressure in IMDG Code 36-12

Chemicals under PressureChemicals under Pressure
Chemicals under Pressure

An example of chemical under pressure is 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Cylinder Spray Adhesives

*there are other new entries too in IMDG Code 36-12, refer IMO’s publication for full details

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