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Indian Rupee demonetisation and Printing Ink

When Prime Minister of India announced on November 08th evening that 500 and 1000 Rupees notes are no more legal tender from midnight the subsequent rush to banks for replacement and long queues outside ATMs have dominated the newsprint. Those opposing the move claiming millions are put to hardship due to this act and those supporting the issue for smoking out the black money has written in length and spoken aloud much.

What we are looking here is the safety in transport of printing ink and features of security ink, not necessarily ink for printing currency.

The main reason for special ink for printing currency includes, not restricted to;

  • Ability for electronic reading
  • Ability for human reading by eye sight and by touch
  • Embedded security features
  • Resistance to easy smudging including water, oil due to frequent mass handling
  • No health risk for those handles

Special inks are used in bank notes, passports, stamps, identity cards, property deeds etc. One of the ink which India uses in currency printing is OVI Intaglio ink by Swiss company SICPA.

In Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations printing ink is listed under class 3 flammable liquid.


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