LCL Dangerous Goods and Responsibilities

We know in LCL shipments a consolidator group multiple shippers’ goods into a container and offer same as FCL to carrier. What are the responsibilities of each party in LCL dangerous goods?.

Parties invloved in LCL Dangerous Goods Shipments
Parties involved in LCL Dangerous Goods Shipments

Shipper’s Responsibilities

  • Classify dangerous goods, assign UN Number, Proper Shipping Name, Packing Group, when applicable technical name, flashpoint
  • Pack dangerous goods in packagings or Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Mark/ Label Dangerous Goods- Affix on packages Primary / Subsidiary Risk Labels, UN Number, Proper Shipping Name, when applicable Technical Name, Marine Pollutant, Limited or Excepted Quantities marks
  • Prepare Dangerous Goods Declaration and sign box no. 22

Consolidator’s Responsibilities

  • Verify shipper submitted dangerous goods declaration
  • Inspect the container and ensure it is fit for journey and clean
  • Inspect all packages for any damage
  • Ensure all packages are properly marked and labelled
  • Check and remove irrelevant marks and labels
  • Load only sound packages into the container
  • Ensure all drums are kept upright
  • Secure cargo as per CTU Code
  • Affix placards corresponding to the dangerous goods loaded into the container
  • Ensure segregation rules of IMDG Code is strictly complied with
  • If container is fumigated or coolants used mark the container accordingly
  • Sign Box 20, CONTAINER/VEHICLE PACKING CERTIFICATE of each dangerous goods declaration

Carrier’s Responsibilities

  • Verify compliance to IMDG Code and other national/regional regulations as per information provided in dangerous goods booking. This include verification of appropriate packagings, segregation between dangerous goods within the container.  
  • Check compliance through way port regulations from load to final discharge port.
  • Check container is affixed with required placards and marks

Above is not an exhaustive list but the very basic duties and responsibilities of each party involved. Depending on the cargo IMDG Code may have additional requirements such as additional documents or additional marks.


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