Chinese New Year – 2012

23rd January is Chinese New year day, the year of the Dragon.

22nd to 28th January is holiday in China, during this period there will be operational restrictions on handling dangerous goods through some of the Chinese ports:

An SVG map of China with Guangdong province hi...
Guangdong, China
  • No import dangerous goods from 12th to 28th January in Dongguan, Foshan  ,Gaosha, Guangzhou ,Huangpu ,Huizhou ,Jiangmen ,Jiujiang ,
    Nanhai ,Rongqi ,Sanshui ,Shantou ,Shunde ,Zhanjiang ,Zhongshan ,Zhuhai
  • Feeders in Hainan, Guangzi and Pearl delta will not handle IMO units from 17th to 30th Jan
  • Chiwan, Da Chan Bay, Shekou & Yantian  will not be affected due to New year holidays

Check with carriers/consignees for full restrictions.

Happy New Year! Safe Shipping !