Brazilian Dangerous Goods Regulations, Transporte Terrestre de Produtos Perigosos ( Land Transport of Hazardous Products ) requires an emergency card to company each dangerous goods carried by a vehicle. Section 5.4.2 ” Outras informações e documentos”, Other information and documents, states as below

Emergency card to be used in  case of any accident and incident with instructions provided by the consignor as information received from the manufacturer or importer of the load, which contains :

1.The nature of the risk posed by dangerous products transported, as well as emergency measures;

2. Provisions for first aid or safety measures when the substance come in contact with any person

3. Measures to be taken in case the package is broken or there is a spillage

4. In case if the vehicle fails measures to be taken for continuance of journey.

5. Phone numbers of emergency fire department, police, civil defense agency environment and, when appropriate, competent bodies for Classes 1 and 7, along the route.

6. Incompatible products

There are requirements about the format of the document ( FICHA DE EMERGÊNCIA ) with red side stripe etc. I have done a very crude translation of the regulation from Portuguese to English. Readers knowing Brazilian regulations are requested to correct me for updating most accurate information here