Segregation of Limited Quantities

It is a myth that there is no segregation applicable for dangerous goods in limited quantities or the statement is partially wrong.

Yes, a package of dangerous goods consigned as per column 7a + chapter 3.4 of IMDG Code has no segregation applicable with another package of dangerous goods not in limited quantities or packed in limited quantities.

Limited Quantities Mark

However, there are segregation rules for mixed packing of different dangerous goods in limited quantities within the same outer packaging. These rules are slightly different from general segregation rules laid out in chapter 7.2 of IMDG Code with exemption as below.

What is permitted?

Mixed packing of different dangerous goods in limited quantities are permitted within same outer packaging provided;

  1. that the substances do not react dangerously with each other and cause

a) combustion and/or evolution of considerable heat;

b) evolution of flammable, toxic or asphyxiant gases;

c) the formation of corrosive substances; or

d) the formation of unstable substances.


  1. notwithstanding the individual provisions specified in the Dangerous Goods List, column 16b, substances in same class in packing group III may be packed together subject to compliance with point no. 1 above

What is not permitted?

Any two dangerous goods within same class which has specific segregation requirement between each other and are in Packing groups I or II and those which conflict as per general segregation rules in chapter 7.2

Any two dangerous goods which may react with each other and result in one or more dangerous situation as listed in points a to d above

In the case of mixed packing according to point no. 2 a statement reading ‘‘Transport in accordance with of the IMDG Code’’ must be included in the dangerous goods declaration.

Refer Chapter 3.4 of IMDG Code 37-14 for full details.