ANL Warringa at Cochin Roads, Photo by: Sunil Unnikrishnan

Which Certificate is required for loading IMDG cargo?

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What is IMDG Cargo?

IMDG Cargoes are Dangerous goods, which means the substances, materials and articles covered by the IMDG Code.

ANL Warringa at Cochin Roads, Photo by: Sunil Unnikrishnan
ANL Warringa at Cochin Roads, Photo by: Sunil Unnikrishnan

Which documents and/or certificates are required to carry Dangerous Goods?

  1. Chapter 5.4 of IMDG Code section mandates the the consignor who offers dangerous goods for transport to give to carrier the information applicable to those dangerous goods, including any additional information and documentation as specified in this Code.
         This is called Dangerous Goods Declaration
  1. For some cargo, apart from Dangerous Goods Declaration, below mentioned documents may be required:
  2. a weathering certificate
  3. a certificate exempting a substance, material or article from the provisions of the IMDG Code
  4. for new self-reactive substances and organic peroxides or new formulation of currently assigned self-reactive substances and organic peroxides, a statement by the competent authority of the country of origin of the approved classification and conditions of transport.
  5. Shipping Lines’ policy of undertakings by shippers, example weight repatriation letter for using dunnage between tiers of drums or third party survey report for certain dangerous goods like gas measuring for lighters, stuffing survey for calcium hypochlorite or non-hazardous letter for vehicles etc.

Above listed is shipper’s responsibility. Apart from above, for a carrier to load dangerous goods on the vessel below documents are needed:

  1. Document of Compliance, SOLAS regulation II-2/54.3
  2. Dangerous Goods Manifest, IMO FAL Form 7 as required by SOLAS 74, chapter VII, regulations 4.5 and 7-2.2, MARPOL 73/78, Annex III, regulation 4.3 and chapter 5.4, paragraph of the IMDG Code.


Refer Chapter 5.4 of IMDG Code for more information.